Waste or Recycling Collection Services Request

To request a change or new Collection Service, first review the collection specific details below and then submit a Collection Service Request(PDF, 391KB)

Service Details

Collection Times

Rubbish wheelie bins must be placed at the kerbside clear of obstructions prior to 7.30 am on the morning of collection or the night before.

Pick up is between 7.30 am and 4.30 pm and bins should be returned to the premises as soon as possible after collection to avoid pedestrian obstruction, theft or vandalism.

Service eligibility and bin size

All households and businesses within the waste collection area who are paying the annual waste collection fee in their rates are eligible for collection.

Residents are to supply their own general Waste Bin. Waste must be placed in 80, 120 or 240 litre mobile garbage (wheelie) bins. The maximum total weight of the bin is to be no greater than 50 kg.

Waste Type

Only non-recyclable household waste must be put in your bin.

Food waste, vacuum cleaner dust and other materials likely to be offensive or to spread must be wrapped prior to being placed in your bin.

Wherever possible organics including green waste and food waste should be mulched or composted.

Please Do Not

  • Overfill your wheelie bin
  • Place anything on top of
  • or lean anything against your wheelie bin

Do not place in your waste wheelie bin:

  • Hazardous chemicals, waste or sharps
  • Hot ashes
  • Oils, paints or other liquids
  • Heavy items such as rubble, car parts, large timber or metal pieces
  • Green waste
  • Recyclables

Restrictions apply to certain wastes, including bio-hazardous wastes, asbestos, liquids and toxic wastes.


Kerbside Recyclables  (Comingled Yellow Lid Bin)

As part of the Cradle Coast regional kerbside collection, household recyclables are collected once a fortnight by Veolia on the same street collection days as your waste.

Bin Placement

Place your recycling wheelie bin at the kerbside 1-metre away from your waste wheelie bin prior to 6.00am on your day of collection.

Do not place bins near trees, power poles or other obstacles. Do not place bins behind cars.

Recyclable Materials

 - Check the diagram on your Yellow Lid -

It is important only recycling materials that can be handled and recovered at the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) are be placed in these bins. Trucks have close circuit cameras to monitor bin loads as they are emptied. Penalties may apply for incorrect use. 

Other recyclables that are not handled by the MRF can be taken to the Burnie Waste Management and Resource Recovery Centre. We encourage all Green Waste to be mulched and Organics to be composted at Home.

Service Eligibility

All households within the recycling collection area who are paying the annual recycling fee in their rates are supplied with a 240L wheelie bin with a Yellow Lid.

If you are moving into a dwelling that has been recently constructed, and are ready for your recycling bin, please contact Veolia on 6427 4646 or fill in the above Service Request form

Each wheelie bin has a serial number that is recorded against the property it was delivered to.

They remain the property of the Regional Waste Management Group, but it is your responsibility to take care of it.

Should you relocate, please leave the wheelie bin at the property. 

Lost Damaged or Stolen Bins

If you have just moved in to a property and the wheelie bin is missing please contact your property manager or the previous owner to return the bin.

To purchase a replacement please complete the above Service Request Form and return to Council Office with Payment.

Should the wheelie bin be damaged please contact Veolia on 6427 4646. 


An elective rural waste collection is offered in many areas throughout the Burnie Municipality including: East Cam, West Mooreville, Ridgley (east & west), Highclere and Hampshire. Click on the Map to view:
Note: The areas of Stowport and Natone are serviced by contractors. 

Rural Properties on an existing waste route may ‘opt-in’ to Waste Services

Fees are charged pro-rata in advance for the first year, and then added to rates in subsequent years. 

Registered rural collections will be identified by a sticker from Council to be displayed on the Bin, Collection is from your driveway or agreed pickup point.

Silage Wrap Recycling - Poly Marketing Pty Limited T/as Envorinex is collecting waste silage wrap free of charge from all Tasmanian farmers who register. To register or for more information please contact 6382 1844 or visit http://www.envorinex.com/waste-silage-wrap


The commercial property rate entitles business tenements to one wheelie bin refuse collection per week. Properties are to supply their own general waste bin.

Additional collections are available on application.

Registered commercial refuse bins will be identified using daily colour coded stickers and an assigned business number.

Businesses that generate significant amounts of Waste and Recycling are encouraged to use private sector services.

Cardboard collection services will be provided by JJ Richards on behalf of the Council in both the CBD and Outer Business District Areas of Burnie

Cardboard must be flattened and stacked neatly at an approved pick up point by 5pm on the day of collection. Please ensure plastic tape is removed and boxes are to be emptied of all contents, including packaging material prior to flattening. Skip Hire and additional collections are available by private arrangment with a contractor.

CBD - Cardboard is collected Weekly on Tuesday from 5-7pm

Outer Business Districts - Cardboard will be collected Fortnightly on a Tuesday 


The fortnightly kerbside recycling service may not suit the needs of all businesses, we encourage businesses to discuss their unique needs with a private contractor. Council does provide a cardboard collection for all businesses.

CBD -  Due to limited kerbside and bin storage space for many businesses in the CBD, office paper and other Recycling collections in the CBD are by private arrangement with a local contractor only, options include skips, wheelie bins and onsite services.

Outer Business Districts - If your business is in a residential street receiving the fortnightly kerbside service and you would like to be included please indicate your interest by filling out the above service request form.

Veolia are one such contractor who provide recycle collection services to Burnie. Alternatively these can be dropped off at the waste centre recovery loop for free.

1. Council is committed to upholding your right to privacy. 
2. Personal information collected by Burnie City Council is used in the provision of services. 
3. Information collected will be retained confidentially and disposed of in accordance with requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act 2004. 
4. You have the right to access your own personal information on request.

Please contact the Burnie City Council if:

  • you want to change your contact details
  • you want to place a written information access request
  • you want to discuss a privacy concern