Waste Collection


Depending on where you live, your annual rates cover a weekly waste and fortnightly recycling collection.

Please note that 100% of your waste goes to landfill. If you can, try to divert any recyclable items from your waste bin to your recycle bin (from green lid to yellow lid). Visit our reduce-reuse-recycle page to discover ways to reduce the amount of waste that goes in your green lid bin.

Reducing the level of household waste is an easy exercise in rethinking old habits and watching what goes into our wheelie bins. Avoiding waste in the first place is a great way to start!

Our environment will benefit from a decreasing volume of  landfill and an increase in recycling or re-use of products. Burnie City Council has set a target of 50:50 (landfill to recycle/re-use) by #makingburnie2030.

Lost or damaged bins

If you damage a bin, it is your responsibility to purchase a new one. Most hardware stores stock wheelie bins.