Hard waste Collection 2020


We'll help you remove that extra waste!

A Hardwaste Collection will run again this year from Monday 9 November to Thursday 12 November. 

There is no need to register; residents may place items for collection on their kerbside by 6am on same day as the usual kerbside collection and maximum volumes apply – 2m3 per property.

Council is pleased to announce that rural collection stations will run again this year, see below for further information.

Review the collection details below and for further questions, contact the Waste Management Centre on 6430 5834.


Urban collection details

The urban collection will simply occur on the same day as the usual rubbish collection.

Place your items out no later than 6am on collection day. Please familiarise yourself with items that will and won't be collected and use the checklist to make sure you place your hardwaste collection out correctly.


Rural collection details

There will be 4 drop off points for rural customers:

  • Stowport
  • Natone 
  • Highclere
  • Ridgley

At each of these locations there will be signs indicating where to deposit your hardwaste. These stations will open on Monday 9 November, giving you four days to place your hardwaste at a rural station.

The rural stations will close at 4pm on Thursday 12 November 2020.

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Items that will be collected

  • Whitegoods
  • Hot water cylinder
  • E-Waste (TV's computers , printers, keyboards)
  • Furniture
  • Metal car parts
  • Household items
  • Scrap timber
  • Scrap metal
  • Electrical appliances

Please note: Last year Council collected a large amount of recyclable product that could have been dropped off for FREE during the year. 'Clear the clutter' by utilising this FREE service, find out what items can be dropped off at the Burnie Waste Management Centre for FREE throughout the year.


Items that will not be collected

  • Asbestos (find out how to dispose of asbestos)
  • Batteries*
  • biological waste
  • Bricks or loose rubble
  • Glass, including broken glass
  • Chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides
  • Concrete
  • Engine blocks
  • Food or items that will decay
  • Gas cylinders* 
  • Green waste, including tree branches, stumps and lawn clippings
  • Household waste, including nappies
  • Liquids, including paint and oils*
  • Soil
  • Tyres

*Batteries, paint, used oils and some gas cylinders can be dropped off at the Burnie Waste Centre for FREE! However these will not be picked up via the hard waste collection.



Hardwaste Collection Checklist

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Items must be placed out no later than 6am on collection day (for urban collection)

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Items will be not be collected from within property boundaries or inside fences(for urban collection)

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Maximum weights apply - two people must be able to safely lift each item

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Maximum lengths apply - items must not exceed 1.5m in length

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Maximum volumes apply – 2m3 per property, about the size of a dining table

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Items that have a door, e.g. cupboards, fridges and washing machines, must have the doors removed and placed neatly beside the item