Your Rates at Work

Your rates pay for Council services - parks and sports ground maintenance, road repairs, community services and more. 

You can read full details of how we spend rates in the Council’s Annual Plan, or see what we've done in the past by reading the Annual Reports. Details about our plans for the future are in the Strategic Plan.

What are Rates?

Rates are a tax levied by the Council. Their purpose is to support the council in providing services for the benefit of all residents.

Rates help pay for:

  • Waste and recycling collection and disposal
  • Animal control
  • Community safety initiatives
  • Street lighting and cleaning
  • Local roads, footpaths and drainage
  • Stormwater disposal services
  • Operation of halls and community centres
  • Operation of the Aquatic Centre
  • Maintenance of parks, playgrounds and sports grounds
  • Operations of the Burnie Arts and Function Centre
  • Community functions and events
  • Development and compliance activities
  • Other works, programs and facilities

Rates are made up of a general rate and service rates and charge.  The full Rates Resolution can be viewed below.

General Rates

A general rate is a tax which reflects land, capital or Assessed Annual Value (AAV) of the property. It may involve an additional fixed charge which applies equally to every property. A council may make a general rate whether or not it provides any services to the land upon which the rating is made.

Fire Services Levy

Under the Local Government Act 1993 Council is required to make a service rate in respect of fire service contributions it must collect on behalf of the Tasmania Fire Service under the Fire Service Act 1979, for the rateable parcels of land within the municipal area of Burnie.

Service Charges

A service charge is a fixed charge payable on each property. The charge may differ in various parts of the municipal area depending on the type of service being provided and the circumstances in a particular area. If a service is not provided or is unavailable, the prescribed rate or charge for that service may not apply.

The Council levies services charges for:

  • Municipal Waste Management Charge;
  • Kerbside Collection Charge – garbage and/or recycling; and
  • Stormwater Removal.

Discount for Early Payment

The Council will provide a 2.5% discount of the total current rates and charges (excluding fire levy) specified in a rates notice, when all rates and charges associated with the 2021-22 financial year rates and charges, including any arrears, are paid in full by 5.00pm on 31 August 2021

Property Valuations

Properties in Tasmania are re-valued by the Office of the Valuer-General under the Valuation of Land Act 2001 for the purpose of local government rating and tax purposes.

General revaluations are issued every six years, with properties within the Burnie municipal next scheduled for valuation in 2026.

For further information about Objecting to a Valuation, consult this guide produced by the Office of the Valuer-General, Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Fees and Charges

The 2021-2022 fees and charges were adopted by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 22 June 2021. A full list of the fees and charges can be viewed below.