North Terrace (Basalt Columns) Car Park

north terrace basalt columns car park

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday
8:30am to 6pm

8:30am to 2pm

Open-air car park opposite the beach and close to the cinema with no time limit and an early bird rate. Enjoy the convenience of the EasyPark app.



Bassalt Columns Geological Feature

Also a great spot along the Coastal Pathway to stop and take a photo of the beautiful volcanic rock formation of basalt columns, which are featured in the publication called Created from Chaos: a Geological Trail of 100 Sites in Tasmania

"Attractive basalt columns with almost perfect hexagonal symmetry of cooling joints.

An excellent example of geometric columnar jointing in a tertiary basaltic lava flow exhibiting unique curved "ball and socket" joints across columns."



North Terrace Basalt Columns Car Park, Burnie 7320  View Map and directions

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