Cooee Point overnight area for self-contained vehicles

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Terms and Conditions

The Burnie City Council provides a short stay (max 2 nights) free camping for fully self-contained vehicles, 2.5km west of the Burnie town centre.

Cooee Point is an un-serviced site with limited facilities and permits are required. A liquid waste discharge point and a water supply point is provided within the vicinity.

Review the Terms and Condition and submit your form online.  Your permit number will be displayed immediately and a copy emailed to the details provided. Simply write your permit number on a piece of paper and display it on your dashboard.

Terms and Conditions

1.  A Permit to Camp in a fully self-contained vehicle is only valid for 2 consecutive nights.

2. The permit will not be renewed or extended, only two permits will be issued in each calendar year.

3. Proof of Permit must be provided if requested by a Municipal Inspector - this can be either a handwritten note of the Permit Number, a copy of the permit submission, or the email that you receive.

4. This Permit applies for a vehicle which carries its own water supply, contains internal washing and toilet facilities, and has an on‐board waste water storage tank, or vehicle is accredited by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia under its Self‐Contained Vehicles Policy of 2016, and displays a current SCV panel issued by the CMCA;

5. No discharge of liquid waste in any form is permitted within the designated camping area;

6. Disposal of liquid and solid waste must be to an approved off‐site disposal facility;

7. This Permit does not allow for general camping, including the use of a tent, occupation of a vehicle that is not fully self‐contained, or for the erection of an annex or other structure;

8. No dogs or other animals are permitted on the Cooee Point Reserve; and

9. Vehicles must be contained within the designated camping area.

10. From 31 July 2021, You are required to Check in using the Check In TAS app each day you camp either by typing the code 261207 into the app, or scanning this Cooee Point Reserve QR code(PDF, 187KB).

If you do not have a smartphone, or are unable to use the app, others in your group can check in for you on their device, or our staff can assist to check you in by calling 6430 5700. 

This Public Health direction applies to all people in your group aged 16 or over. You must not camp if you have not checked in.

What is a fully self-contained motorhome, campervan or caravan?

A fully self-contained motor home, campervan or caravan is a vehicle which carries its own water supply, contains internal washing and toilet facilities, and has an on-board waste water storage tank.

A vehicle is deemed to satisfy the requirement to be a fully self-contained vehicle if it is accredited by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia under its Self Contained Vehicles Policy of 2016, and displays a current SCV panel issued by the CMCA.

If a vehicle is not accredited by the CMCA, the owner or occupier of the vehicle must sign a declaration to the effect that the vehicle satisfies the requirements of the Self Contained Vehicles Policy of 2016 and will function at all times as a fully self-contained vehicle when occupying land at Cooee Point.

An authorised officer of the Council may request to inspect a vehicle to establish whether it satisfies the requirement to be self-contained at any time during which a permit is current to camp on Cooee Point.


Camping without a Permit is prohibited on all Council reserves in the Burnie municipal area. 

The Council does not generally permit camping in any form on a Council reserve.

The Council will only grant a Permit for a fully self-contained motorhome, campervan or caravan to camp for a limited period and subject to terms and conditions within the designated free camping area on Cooee Point.

1. Council is committed to upholding your right to privacy. 
2. Personal information collected by Burnie City Council is used in the provision of services. 
3. Information collected will be retained confidentially and disposed of in accordance with requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act 2004. 
4. You have the right to access your own personal information on request.

Please contact the Burnie City Council if:

  • you want to change your contact details
  • you want to place a written information access request
  • you want to discuss a privacy concern