Land Use Planning in the Burnie municipality ensures the orderly and sustainable development of housing, business and community services. The Burnie Interim Planning Scheme 2013 (the planning scheme) contains zones, overlays and other provisions that affect how land can be used and developed.

Council is responsible for statutory and strategic land use and development, which includes assessing applications for changes to use and development of land in Burnie.

Do I need a Land Use and Development Permit?

If you are hoping to develop your land, establish a new use or change the way it is predominantly used, you may require what is often referred to as a planning permit.

Establish a new use for example may be:

  • from residential use to a visitor accommodation
  • establishing a new use in an existing building

Development includes, but is not limited to:

  • Construction, works or exterior alteration of a building
  • Extension to existing buildings
  • Development of multiple dwellings
  • Demolition or removal of a building
  • Earth-moving works or vegetation removal
  • Subdivision of land
  • Relocation of a structure
  • Display of signs


Call our friendly Planning Officers on 03 6430 5700 in the first instance who can advise if you will need a permit and if so, what you will need in order to lodge your planning application.  They will be pleased to answer other queries and also provide advice on how the planning scheme applies for your individual site, specific use or development.

Although an appointment is not necessary, it is advisable to call and arrange a time when a planning officer is available.

Planning approval and building approval are two separate processes.  Often a particular use or development of land may require approvals under both processes (which requires two applications).

If you are unsure about what constitutes a development or to establish a new use, please don’t hesitate to contact us.