Plans and Strategies

As part of its long and medium term planning role, Council develops a range of plans and strategies across various issues. The purpose of this is to guide decisions over the long term toward an agreed plan and direction.

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As noted by Council on 15 Feb 2011 (Stage 1), Item AO047-11 and adopted by Council on 13 Dec 2011 (Stage 2), Item AO365-11

The Burnie West Coastal Area Study addresses land use patterns and directions on the coastal area from Cam River to West Park adjacent to the Burnie CBD. The Strategic Guidelines provide direction for future land use and assist balancing longterm and more immediate outcomes.



As accepted by Council on 21 November 2017, Item AO278-17

The Master Plan for the Burnie town centre identifies opportunities for growth and investment, and provide the structure for a thriving and vibrant centre through a coordinated vision. The master plan also addresses a number of key functional and design related issues identified, as a means of enhancing and improving the town centre for residents and visitors alike.

As adopted by Council on 20 September 2011, Item AO272-11

Economic Development Plan details guiding principles aimed at providing the City of Burnie with a strong and sustainable economy. These statements of purpose intended to inform or shape economic decision-making, for the city and Council.

As adopted by Council on 18 February 2020, Item AO049-20

The Financial Management Strategy provides guiding principles the Burnie City Council with a view to the future when developing the Annual Plan and Budget Estimates each year. It details the resources that need to be managed so that financial commitments can be met whilst also ensuring that the community needs are met now and into the future.

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