Glance Creek Road Upgrade

  • Project value$550,000
  • Project commencementSeptember 2021
  • Contractor nameBurnie City Council and Roadways Pty Ltd
  • Completion Date17 December 2021
Glance Creek Road - Flood Reconstruction.JPG

Upgrades to Glance Creek Road, from Glance Creek to Menaire Road including flood damage reconstruction.

Works will include road widening, pavement and seal, stormwater and drainage works, and will including an asphalt swale drain on the northern side of the road.

Reconstruction of the flood damaged section of road will be included in the project.

Traffic management, including lane closures and a reduced speed limit will be in place for the duration of the road works. We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause.

The project is partially funded by the Federal Government - Roads to Recovery Program

Glance Creek Road - Aerial.JPG

Glance Creek Road - Upgrade.JPG

Glance Creek Road - Flood Reconstruction.JPG


Glance Creek Road from Glance Creek to Menaire Road, Stowport 7321  View Map and directions

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