North West Museum and Art Gallery (NWMAG)

  • Project typeConstruction
  • Project value$18 million
  • Contractor nameTerroir - initial concept and design stages

In the last quarter of 2018, Council invited tender submissions from architects for the design of a new and exciting cultural facility, the North West Museum and Art Gallery.

Council’s architectural design brief advised the new facility to be iconic, a building of style and stature, which would attract visitors to itself, as much as to its exhibits. It would also reflect the natural environment of the north-west region and embrace contemporary biophilic design principles. The architectural response by Terroir promises to deliver on all these features.

The North West Museum and Art Gallery (NWMAG) is in the early stages of architectural design with preliminary conceptual design completed.

NWMAG has a role to play in showcasing the region’s extraordinary natural environment, its deep history and heritage and the resourceful communities that continue to play a part today in ensuring a rich and relevant future.

The Burnie Art Gallery and the Burnie Museum will relocate to the new facility and will be incorporated into this new cultural entity. NWMAG will seek to contribute to, and align with the work done by other organisations across the State to ensure a great future for the North West.

NWMAG will be a premier destination in Tasmania’s extraordinary North West. A place to be inspired and delighted, to think, study and research, to connect and create through an enriching programme of culture and creativity.

It will support Tasmania’s Cradle Coast tourism vision “Go where the world’s still wild”.

Inviting visitors to NWMAG will only be the start of their journey. The experiences destined to be presented here will be designed to send people out into the region, to other cultural destinations and into the many townships of the North West.


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