Work starts at Burnie’s new Playground for Wheels!

Published on 08 February 2021


Council is excited to announce that works have commenced at Burnie’s new playground for wheels – a pump track, cycle path, mountain bike descent trails and dirt jumps. 

In just a few days, the transformation at the View Road Reserve is causing much excitement and anticipation for passers by. 

The extension of a shared cycle path around the reserve is the first stage of the project which will provide a loop around the reserve for walkers and recreational cyclists. Approximately 900m of the path is on track to be completed by the end of February 2021. 

The project team has been cleaning up the eastern hillside; removing blackberries and other unwanted undergrowth from the stand of Blackwood and Eucalypt trees. The mountain bike descent trails will flow between the trees and will be completed in the later stages of the project. 

Works on the pump track will commence later this month beginning at the southern end of the existing toilet (east of the dog exercise area).  

Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons said “The trails will provide an exciting experience for mountain bike riders without encroaching on other users of the Reserve.” 

“The pump track, mountain bike trails and dirt jumps are expected to be completed and ready for the public to enjoy in July this year”. 

The project aligns with the objectives and actions of the View Road Reserve Management Plan. The plan recognises ongoing infrastructure development to support walking, cycling, dog exercise, disc golf and other outdoor exercise and recreation pursuits, whilst protecting and enhancing the natural values of the space. 

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Photo: Mayor Steve Kons, with construction contractor Flinders Johnston. Picture: Simon Sturzaker