Burnie’s new playground for wheels!

Published on 29 September 2020


They’re a worldwide success, built in all corners of the world and Burnie is next on the list for one!

As part of the 2020/21 Capital Works Program, Council has allocated $410,000 to construct a bicycle pump track and a cycle path at the View Road Reserve. 

Burnie City Mayor Steve Kons said “A small community working group was formed in early 2020 to develop conceptual designs which aim to capitalise on the increasing popularity of mountain biking and its various forms, and recreational cycling for fitness and wellbeing within our community.” 

An overview of the development is shown on the project page and includes a 300 m long pump track to be located on high ground to the south east of the carpark and a 1.5 m wide cycle path, 2.3 km long that loops from the carpark via the pump track, to the southern end of the reserve and returns. 

Pump Track’s provide a playground for kids and adults alike, from beginners to professionals. Burnie’s version includes an asphalt surface of berms, step ups/step downs, and triple and double top undulations that require a rider to use a “pump” motion to move a bike forward. The cycle path will be suited to all ages and families and includes gradients of 3% to 7%.  

Council has called tenders for a design and construct contract by specialist bike track builders, with the aim of starting construction of the pump track in early December 2020.  The pump track is scheduled for completion in February 2021 and the cycle path in April 2021.  

The construction works are of a moderate nature and should not adversely affect the amenity of the reserve and surroundings during the period of construction, however, there may be intermittent machinery noise during some periods of construction. 

Council looks forward to the successful completion of these exciting additions to the View Road Reserve, which we anticipate will provide another enjoyable leisure activity for residents and visitors to the area.