World Environment Day 2020

Published on 05 June 2020

Fern Glade Reserve

We are so lucky to have such natural beauty here in Tasmania. Although we have been in isolation, most of us have still been able to enjoy nature…by simply walking out our front door.

Today and over the weekend, take a moment to appreciate the natural environment. Visit a park or a lookout in Burnie for a walk and take in the beautiful views. Here are just a few locations to check out:

Or do you have a secret spot you’d like to share?

Take a look at the World Environment Day website for more interesting ideas and resources on how to join in #WorldEnvironmentDay

And take a minute to follow Cradle Coast Authority NRM on facebook @CradleCoastNRM who are more committed than ever to protecting and improving our unique and spectacular environment through the projects that they are delivering and the actions that they are taking.


#WorldEnvironmentDay Did You Knows? about Burnie

Did you know? The leachate (liquid that forms when landfill waste breaks down and water filters through that waste and picks up toxins) from the former Landfill site (the old Burnie Tip) is treated through an extensive filtration wetlands system? Burnie won an environmental award for this project!

wetlands wetlands


Did you know?  Gross pollutant traps are being phased in on ocean outfalls around Burnie, to reduce ocean pollution. These traps remove plastic bottles and other littered items from stormwater, before it reaches the sea!

plastic pollution.jpg


Did you know? Our Parks team use native plants where they can, grown here on the North West Coast these help bees and native pollinators which are essential to safeguard biodiversity and keep our local ecosystems healthy.



Burnie has a natural environment that is respected and cared for Find out more about our natural resources, water, waste, energy and air.

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