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Published on 21 September 2020

Amanda MAY(VIC) Waratah, Design Eye Creative Major Award. Photo by Grant Wells

An exclusive premier screening of Design Eye Creative paper on skin 2020 – The Film was shown earlier this month and is now available to the world.

Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons said “The Burnie City Council supports many community projects but one that we are extremely proud of is the biennial, Burnie Arts Council initiative paper on skin wearable paper art competition and exhibition. The challenges of presenting the event during a pandemic did not seem to faze the organisers, it only changed their method of delivery. It really is a success story of these challenging times. 

“The project went from a live gala performance to a filmed, multi-media event that is now shared with the world. We know from social media metrics that the film is being watched in thirty-seven countries including Japan, Canada, the USA, South America and Europe and of course Australia and New Zealand.” 

The process from competition to catwalk to international film drew on the talents of local screen professionals and was fully supported by members of the Burnie Arts Council. paper on skin Co-ordinator Lyndal Thorne was heartened by the number of people who put up their hands to help. With artists pre-selected by the end of March and entries arriving amid national and international freight delays throughout April, the thirty entries made it to Burnie and were photographed, filmed and judged with one of the judges linking in from Melbourne.  

Lyndal Thorne said, “The Burnie Arts Council was successful in our application for a one-off, Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund grant offered by the Tasmanian Government. It is a fund designed to support programs or events impacted by COVID-19 and it enabled us to engage a film editor, provide wages for other arts and screen professionals involved and expand the breadth of the mentoring opportunities which had been structured into the project.” 

“It has been a hugely rewarding, collaborative effort between Design Eye Creative, Northwest Support Services, the team at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre, Project O, En Vogue Modelling Academy (and some dedicated parents) and photographer Grant Wells,” she said.  

Filming took place at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre over two and half weeks and the exhibition was shown at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery throughout July. People wishing to view the film in its entirety can do so by visiting the Burnie Arts Council website at 

Top photo: Caption: Amanda MAY(VIC) Waratah, Design Eye Creative Major Award. Photo by Grant Wells


Flame in monitor.jpg

Caption: Chloe TOWNSEND (TAS) Flame in the monitor. Photo by Grant Wells.

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