Tasmanian Planning Scheme now applies for Burnie municipal area

Published on 23 July 2020

Mayor and Minister

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme came into effect within the Burnie municipal area on Wednesday 22 July 2020 to replace the Burnie Interim Planning Scheme 2013.

Burnie City Council Mayor Kons said “The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is a legislated initiative of the State government . It is to eventually replace each current planning scheme and in so doing will provide a consistent statement of purpose and a common set of requirements for the use and development of land within all municipal areas in Tasmania.

“The Tasmanian Planning Scheme comprises two parts. The State Planning Provisions which contains the majority of rules for land how may be used and developed, and a Local Provision Schedule which identifies how those rules are to apply or vary within each municipal area.

“The State Planning provisions were approved by the Minister for Planning in 2017. The Burnie City Council has prepared and exhibited a Burnie Local Provision Schedule, and that Schedule has now been approved by the Tasmanian Planning Commission and has effect from Wednesday, 22 July 2020.

“The Burnie Local Provision Schedule has sought to avoid any significant change from the former Burnie Interim Planning Scheme 2013 in the purpose for which land within the municipal area may be used. However, not all provisions in the Tasmanian Planning Scheme correspond to the provisions of the former scheme. There is a change in how some land is zoned. The permissibility of a use, and the requirements for a permit may also differ, even if the zone remains the same.

“Burnie City Council is the first planning authority in Tasmania to transition to the Tasmanian Planning Scheme” Mayor Kons said. “Implementation is the result of a significant effort by Council’s planning staff, and an extended assessment, public exhibition, and decision process. I congratulate all concerned for their efforts.

“All permit applications received from Wednesday, and any permit application lodged prior to but not decided by that day, must be determined by reference to provisions of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme”.

Details of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme as it applies to the Burnie municipal area are available on www.iplan.tas.gov.au from 22 July 2020.

Further enquiries to – Patrick Earle
Director Land and Environmental Services
03 6430 5700

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