Report Rubbish to keep Tasmania beautiful

Published on 29 October 2020


A new online web application called Report Rubbish makes it easy to report litter and dumping via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Developed by the State Government to help reduce littering and dumping in Tasmania, Report Rubbish is simple to use. It requests information about the location, quantity and type of rubbish found. Photos of the rubbish can also be uploaded.

The system automatically forwards the report to the relevant authority (such as a local council or State Government organisation) letting them that the rubbish is there.

A second initiative to unfold in the coming weeks is to use offenders on Community Corrections Orders to undertake litter clean-ups. Land managers will be able to make a request to Community Corrections within the Department of Justice and request the assistance of offenders to help clean-up littered sites.

Together these two initiatives will contribute to the reduction of littering and dumping in Tasmania.

Report Rubbish is a quick and simple way to report litter and dump sites. There is no need to pick up the phone or figure out who to call – Report Rubbish will do it automatically.

If you see a pile of rubbish, hop onto Report Rubbish at

Report Rubbish