Futuna Avenue and Bay Street, Burnie Traffic Study

Published on 25 August 2020


Burnie City Council is undertaking a traffic study in the Futuna Avenue and Bay Street, Burnie area, near the Stella Maris Primary School and Marist Regional College.

The traffic study aims to identify existing traffic and road safety issues and develop recommendations to improve safety, access and amenity. Burnie City Council has appointed Pitt & Sherry to undertake the study.

The study area is concentrated on Futuna Avenue from West Park Grove to Brickport Road, the intersection of Futuna Avenue and West Park Grove and Paraka Street and Bay Street, including the intersections with Tolunah Street and Mollison Street.

The first step in the study is the identification of traffic and safety issues. 

Known issues include:

  • safety at intersections
  • congestion
  • parking
  • bus routes, and
  • safety and safe pedestrian access and crossing facilities. 

The study will include the collection and review of data from traffic counters and cameras to be installed in key locations in the study area from 31 August to 4 September 2020. The cameras will record for one day during this period. 

The analysis of this data, together with information received from the community and stakeholders will help Council develop recommendations for traffic treatment options that could be installed or modifications to improve the community's identified existing traffic issues.

Community participation is key to identifying the current traffic condition and issues in your local area. Council looks forward to working with the community to address the issues identified through this study.

Nearby residents and identified key stakeholders will be consulted with directly, and you are invited to have your say by completing the online form or by calling Eleanor on 0491 158 886 before 25 September 2020.

Broader engagement will be undertaken as the project progresses.

Below is an Aerial Photograph of the Traffic Study - the red line depicts study area.

Futuna Avenue and Bay Street - Burnie Traffic Study.jpg
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