Expiry of Permits for Building Work

Published on 05 February 2020

Expiry of Permits for Building Work

Burnie City Council advises property owners who have obtained a permit to carry out building, plumbing, or demolition work in the period after 23 December 1994 and before 27 November 2012 to check whether the work has been completed.

Burnie City Council Deputy Mayor Giovanna Simpson said “Significant changes were made to the legislation governing building work in Tasmania in 2017. All building work must now be completed within a reasonable period in order to ensure it will comply with the standards applicable at the time it was approved”.

These changes included that any permit granted under the Local Government (Building and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1993 or the Building Act 2000 between 23 December 1994 and 27 November 2012 will expire on 1 July 2020.

“These permits will have no effect after 1 July 2020. Any work described on a permit that is unfinished at 1 July 2020 cannot lawfully be completed unless the permit is extended or a new permit has been issued.”

“Council has a duty to ensure all building work within the Burnie municipal area is in accordance with the Act. Council encourages permit holders to check their paperwork and to ensure that the work described on the permit is either completely finished, or that an extension of time or a new permit is granted for any work that still has to be done on the project after 1 July 2020.”

Council’s permit authority officers are available to assist any enquiries.

For further information please read the Fact Sheet - Expiry of Permits(PDF, 170KB) issued by the Consumer, Building and Occupational Service.

If you have property within the Burnie City Council municipal area and are unsure whether approved building work has been completed, please make contact with the Burnie Permit Authority at permitauthority@burnie.net

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