Eastern Promenade receives Excellence Award

Published on 24 November 2020


This week Council was excited to receive the news that it received the IPWEA Excellence Award for Public Works Project for the Eastern Promenade, the last significant element in the Burnie City Council’s Waterfront Precinct Upgrade.

This visually spectacular project, jointly funded by grants from the Australian Government, the Tasmanian Government and the Burnie City Council, complements previous works on the Surf Club building and completes the Waterfront Master Plan. 

Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons said “The addition of the Promenade now allows visitors to walk from one end of the beach to the other on a multiuse, wide, level path suitable for all ages and abilities. A large picture frame and camera stand with signage has been installed at the viewing platform. This will enhance visitor experience by enabling easy signed photo memories of their visit to Burnie. Colour LED strip lighting along the Promenade handrail lights up the walkway for visitor night viewing."

For the social media savvy – please tag @discoverburnie in your photos, we would love to see them! 

Pictured above: Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons and Council's Technical Officer Mike Jack

Eastern Promenade
promenade boardwalk
Waterfront Night LED Lights.JPG