Council urge union support during Burnie community lock-down

Published on 17 April 2020


Burnie City Council has urged the Australian Services Union (ASU) to play a long game in responding to the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A spokesman for Burnie City Council said that with an estimated quarter of the local population in quarantine, the enormity of the threat to the Burnie community cannot be ignored.

"It is clear from all the advice that is being provided, that the best way of us reducing the threat of COVID-19 to our community is for as many people as possible to stay at home until the 26 April. As a result Council has assisted staff to work from home, and where that is not possible, to suspend all services that were not essential to the community over the ten day period."

"If we as a community do not do everything we can to stop the transmission now, we are at risk of the virus getting out of control, not only resulting in more deaths, but also a broader, deeper and longer lock-down."

"We would urge the ASU to see that a period of caution now may assist in leading to an earlier return to normal operations, not only for Council but across the whole community."

"Council recognises the stress this has placed on many of our staff, and is seeking to support them through this period of uncertainty. We look forward to working with our employees and the ASU to ensure Council can continue to deliver as many services as possible to our community within the current environment, and returning to normal operations as soon as possible."

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