Check in TAS app - help keep Tasmania COVID-safe

Published on 18 December 2020


Rapid contact tracing is essential to help curb potential outbreaks.

The required contact details are: name, contact telephone number and the date and time of entry or attendance. Owners and operators must keep this information for at least 28 days and provide it as soon as possible if it is requested by the Director of Public Health.

These contact details are collected for use by Public Health officials as a measure to rapidly identify any possible contacts of a person who may later test positive for COVID-19. Owners and operators need to ensure patron information is directly accessible by the Director of Public Health.

The Tasmanian Government has developed a Check in TAS app solution which is a contactless, secure, free and convenient way for patrons, visitors, members and customers to sign into a Tasmanian venue. It enables Tasmanian venue operators to easily comply with contact tracing directions by enabling customers to self-check-in at venues and have their information directly stored with the Tasmanian Department of Health for contact tracing (if required).

The free app is now available for individuals to download via both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Businesses can register for the Check in TAS app via the online form.



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