Changes for North West residents

Published on 01 May 2020


The Premier has today announced that the North West COVID-19 safety measures will be lifted from midnight this Monday, 4th May. These changes will bring the North West in line with the rest of Tasmanian restrictions.

It is important to remember that restrictions on personal movement and the operation of certain businesses will still apply.

All Tasmanians will still be required to stay home unless they absolutely need to go out and people should continue to limit their movement out of the region. A full list of statewide restrictions on gatherings and business.

All retailers reopening must ensure they have strict social distancing and hygiene rules in place, including adhering to the one person per four square metres of aisle-space rule. Please refer to the Guideline for retail business.

North-west schools reopen on Monday, 4th May for students who cannot be schooled at home. Visit the website for information.


What does this mean for Council operated facilities?


Council’s on-street and ground level off street car parking areas remain open for use by the public.

The Marine Terrace Car Park will remain closed until further notice.

View location of town centre parking options.

Time controls will continue to apply for on-street parking to ensure space is available for those making an essential trip into CBD.  Penalties may apply for non-compliance.

All traffic parking regulation for use of a designated Disability Parking Space, Loading zone, bus stop, taxi rank No Stopping/No Standing and Yellow Line area still need to be complied with.  Penalties may apply for non-compliance.

Motorists who usually park behind West Park Oval are advised that there is now limited parking space due use of the land for a COVID-19 respiratory clinic/testing site.  In addition, parking space has also been converted as part of UTAS construction site.  Please use other OFF-STREET parking at this time.


City Offices

From Monday, the City Offices will re-open to the public.



All persons visiting the centre must keep physical separation of 1.5 m to others and have maximum two person groups.

Access to the centre will be restricted to only:

  • Commercial waste disposal Contractors
  • Council’s kerbside waste collection operations  
  • Businesses disposing of waste from their operations
  • Households disposing of waste to the Transfer Shed and recyclables to recovery loop

No other materials will be accepted at the Waste Management Centre for the duration of COVID-19 restrictions.

We will accept domestic green waste when the travel restrictions between regions are lifted by the government.

We are taking many precautions to protect and reduce risks to our community during this time. We are here to help, so please reach out to us if you need to at this time using email or phone for the meantime for everybody’s safety.





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