COVID19 Urban Agriculture and Community Gardening Survey

Published on 28 June 2020


2020 has been a year of enormous change and challenges for millions of Australians and people around the world. 

Community Gardens Australia have launched a national pandemic gardening survey, together with Sustain: The Australian Food Network and the other members of the 3rd national Urban Agriculture Forum Steering Committee. 

The aim is to gauge the extent, impact and meaning of edible gardening across Australia, as well as what people and organisations need in order to continue and expand these vital activities. In particular, participants have identified that there is a clear and significant role for local government in supporting individuals and community groups to participate in and expand their edible gardening and community gardening activities.  

As a collective of organisations with a shared understanding that growing edible food can be a force for good in society, and with a shared commitment to supporting the expansion of all forms of edible food growing in Australian towns and cities, the group are interested in understanding the extent to which the COVID19 restrictions and legacy have impacted the attitude and actions of community members towards edible food growing. 

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and thoughts about this subject. This survey should take approximately 8 minutes to complete.

Complete the survey here