"Building Burnie" Minecraft Competition 2020.

Published on 07 June 2020


Builders across Burnie have only just got started and there is much more to come

Get yourself or a team together on Minecraft and choose a building on which to work that has not already been claimed.

Remember some of the most outstanding works we have seen so far are house choices or smaller builds done extremely well! So choose something that you think you can best represent in Minecraft.

To enter, email your submission to dfregon@burnie.net before Monday 22 June. This gives you 3 weekends of building ahead of you to not only get your structure complete, but get one perfect picture to represent the build.

Judging will be done via a single post to the Burnie City Council Facebook page and the submission with the most public likes for each of the server types (Java and Bedrock versions) by 4pm 26/06/2020 will be declared winner.

Are you the "Burnie Builder of 2020"?

Discord: https://nwtassie.com
Minecraft: https://minecraft.nwtassie.com

You can join the North West Tasmanian Discord by visiting nwtassie.com

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