Are there moles in Tasmania?

Published on 09 September 2020


Earlier this week Council officers discovered a few areas of turf that had been disturbed. 

After some investigation, it became apparent that the holes were not made by a mole...but by unauthorised hand excavating for the purposes of prospecting where dinner plate size sods of grass had been dug up in the process of searching for coins and valuables using a metal detector.

This occurred at Oakleigh Park and Wivenhoe Recreation Ground. It has also occurred at Burnie Park in the past.

Prospecting for hidden treasure is great fun and can turn up some great finds! But unfortunately it damages the turf and leaves dead and unsightly patches of uneven ground which can present a safety hazard in Council owned parks and reserves, and is considered vandalism and malicious damage of a Council-owned public reserve under the Public reserves and public buildings by-law

Under the By-Law a person must not move , remove , tamper with or damage; a tree, shrub , plant ,flower or garden bed, any sod, turf, loam, sand, gravel, stone or any other material, a water pipe , tap , sprinkler or hose, pond or fountain or the water in it except to drink from a drinking fountain.

A Financial penalty can be applied to the offender under this by-law. 

If you witness the disturbance or destruction of Council or public property please report it by phoning Council's Customer Service centre on 6430 5700.

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