Appointment brings a fresh perspective to Burnie

Published on 22 September 2020


Burnie City Council is looking forward to a fresh perspective following the appointment of Mr Simon Overland as its new General Manager. 

Mayor Steve Kons said “We are extremely fortunate to have secured the services of a very senior and well qualified administrator into the role of General Manager.  As a Council we are excited by this appointment and believe our City will really benefit from a fresh approach and a new set of eyes, together with the skills and experience of a person of this calibre.” 

Mr Overland brings extensive experience as a capable administrator in both state service with Victorian Police and the Tasmanian Department of Justice, as well as local government on the mainland.  “Mr Overland has been responsible for capably managing large organisations with revenues in the hundreds of millions. He has significant experience in management at a high level” the Mayor said. 

“I am impressed not only with Mr Overland’s level of skills and experience as affirmed by others, but also by his commitment to continue academic studies at this stage in his life and career. Not only is that an achievement in itself but it demonstrates commitment, drive and capacity.” 

“In a nutshell, the primary role of the General Manager is to implement the decisions of Council, provide advice to Council on a range of matters, and to manage the resources and assets of Council while being responsible for day to day operations. We are looking forward to the perspective that an outside view will bring, and believe this will be a great benefit for the City.” 

The appointment follows an open recruitment and selection process, which sought applications across Australia. 

Mr Overland will commence his appointment with Burnie City Council on 3 November 2020.

For further information please contact: 

Communications Officer 
Burnie City Council 
P 03 6430 5700
M 0448 568 728



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