A message on Parking in Burnie during COVID-19

Published on 07 April 2020


Burnie City Council is one of several providers of publicly accessible parking space within the Burnie town centre.

 Restriction on the gathering and movement of people in response to COVID-19 has significantly reduced the level of activity within the Burnie town centre, including for demand on parking space.

Despite there being fewer people about, vehicle turnover is important to ensure that parking spaces remain available and convenient for those people who need to make a trip into town to access essential services and businesses. 

Council, in common with private providers, will continue to apply a charge for use of a parking space.

Drivers are encourage to use the EasyPark app or tap-and-go pay options instead of cash; observe social distancing; and to practice good hand hygiene after using parking equipment.

Council parking officers will assist to protect against spread of COVID-19 by regular cleaning of high-touch areas on parking equipment with a disinfectant solution.

Council will continue to monitor the use of its public parking space during the COVID-19 emergency in accordance with its duty to ensure parking is safe and lawful. 

The focus of enforcement action is on vehicles that are illegally parked, including within a no parking or no standing area, near an intersection or across a driveway, or within a disability space, loading area, bus stop or taxi stand.

Council officers are using discretion in relation to the issue of an infringement to a vehicle that overstays the permitted parking time.  While it will generally be forgivable  to overstay the meter for a short while, drivers who abuse time limits will still be liable for a penalty.     

Council has changed opening hours for the Marine Terrace Car Park in response to falling demand and the effect of current closure of dining, hotel, and cinema premises on night-time and weekend use.  The facility will open at 7.30 am and close at 7.00 pm Monday to Saturday, and will be closed on Sunday until further notice.  The car park will not be open during the Easter period.