Queen Street Upgrade – Stolen Shrubs

Published on 03 June 2019

missing plants

Council is currently putting the finishing touches on the Queen Street upgrade project but is very disappointed that some plants have been stolen.

The road works are now almost complete and landscaping and beautification works are in progress.

Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons said “Council gardeners were very disappointed to come back to work this morning to find that many plants that had been planted during the week had been stolen over the weekend, with one garden bed being completely stripped of plants.”

“The addition of plants and trees add to the beauty of our city, it is extremely disappointing when a few people ruin something that is there for us all.”

The removal of plants is an offence and Police have been notified, Council would like to call upon the community to report any suspicious behaviour directly to the police.

The Queen Street upgrade includes traffic calming features to slow vehicles down and reduce noise for residents. It includes physical constraints such as narrower travel lanes, kerb outstands and a raised safety platform at the Wilmot Street intersection. Works are due for completion before the end of June.