Notice of Disposal (Lease) of Public Land

Published on 19 October 2019


Burnie City Council determined at its meeting on 15 October 2019 its intention to dispose by a lease, a portion of land contained within CT158965, Folio 1 located at 1-5 Terrylands Street, Burnie, to the Burnie Police and Citizens Boys and Girls Club (PCYC). This process supports the renewal of an existing lease. The land is “public land” for the purposes of Section 178 Local Government Act 1993.

A plan detailing the land can be viewed at the City Offices, 80 Wilson Street, Burnie.

Submissions regarding the disposal of the land by a lease are to be made in writing to the General Manager, Burnie City Council, PO Box 973, Burnie, Tas, 7320 or  to be received no later than 4pm on Monday, 11 November 2019.

Council will consider submissions before making a final decision on disposing of the land.

Dated: 19 October 2019

Andrew Wardlaw



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