New Year’s Eve in Burnie set to be bigger than ever!

Published on 14 November 2019

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The Burnie City Council and the Burnie Athletic Club are excited to announce that New Year’s Eve in Burnie just got bigger…and better!

The traditional HERITAGE Burnie New Year’s Day Carnival will be held on New Year’s Eve this year, meaning that patrons can enjoy a day at the carnival followed by Burnie Bite and Brew New Year’s Eve on the waterfront, the events will combine to create one big Burnie New Year’s Eve Party!

Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons said “the Council’s traditional New Year’s Eve event will start at 5:30pm and Council will offer free entry for sports carnival patrons.”

“As the Sports Carnival comes to an end, New Year’s Eve festivities will kick off at West Park with a live band, people will then be able to move on to Burnie Bite and Brew on Burnie’s waterfront where they can continue the evening of fun, food, entertainment, music and SeaFM Skyfire Shows!”

Bite and Brew New Year’s Eve will build on the successful Bite and Brew format. There will be entertainment for all ages from littlies to those who want to party. Great food and drink vendors are being locked in. With 4 bands playing throughout the evening; Clinton Hutton, Women of Rock (Jimmy Rees and Sherry Rand), Blues Brothers and The Ringmasters the waterfront is set to rock!

Other entertainment will be provided by Boris Zagrocki – Extreme Bicycle Stunts (as featured on Australia’s Got Talent).  Rides for our younger revelers will be a part of the night’s entertainment.

The focus will be on something for everyone supported by great food and refreshments and the opportunity to see in the New Year with fireworks at 9.30pm for the younger revelers and midnight fireworks for those who can stay out a little later!

This event is SMOKE FREE and Council will also be working towards eliminating single use plastics from our events. With Council, traders, vendors and patrons working together, we can do our bit for the War on Waste.

Burnie Athletic Club President Ricky Aitken said “We acknowledge the break in tradition from New Year’s Day however the change to New Year’s Eve is underpinned by structural change to compact the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals Series to respond to the tight calendar for athletes and cyclists alike, but more fundamentally to grow on the successes of the combined New Year’s Eve party theme in Burnie.

“The key sports of track cycling, athletics and wood chopping will be supported by a range of family entertainment on a grander scale. One of the great outcomes has been the backing of our corporate partners with significant announcements to follow in the coming weeks. In collaborating with Council, we can more readily build on the strength of both events.”

“We are excited to see the HERITAGE Burnie Carnival in its new format and which will make New Year’s Eve in Burnie even better.”

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