Illegal dumping of asbestos

Published on 01 April 2019


The Burnie Waste Management Centre waste transfer shed was closed for the morning today, to allow staff and specialist contractors to clean up, after asbestos was found in a load this morning.

 Council will be reviewing CCTV footage however it may be difficult to identify the party involved as the asbestos material may have not been noticeable when initially deposited in the waste transfer station. 

Council’s Waste Collection and Waste Management By-Law No.2 of 2017 includes provisions to address instances of unauthorized disposal of asbestos at the Waste Management Centre, should an offence be proved.  

Burnie City Council Acting Mayor Giovanna Simpson said “It is extremely disappointing to see asbestos being illegally dumped, asbestos is a known carcinogen, and inhaling asbestos fibres can be associated with increased incidences of diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

“People can take small quantities of asbestos product to the Burnie Waste Management Centre if it is appropriately double wrapped and separated from other waste. There is dedicated asbestos disposal bin next to the waste transfer shed.”

Whether you’re a tradie or a do it yourself renovator, if a house/garage/shed/commercial building was built or renovated before the 1990s, it is safe to say that it probably contains some form of asbestos.

Please take time to visit WorkSafe Tasmania's website to find out how you can be safe working around asbestos.


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