Hardwaste 2019 collected 112.34 tonnes

Published on 05 December 2019

Hard Waste

The 2019 Hard Waste Collection helped to clean up our city and rural townships with a massive 112.34 tonnes (almost the average size of the largest animal on our planet...the blue whale). This more than doubled last year's collection.

Council were excited that the service would be extended to include some rural areas and that people no longer needed to register for the Hardwaste Collection. The rural collection points were well utilised.

This year, just under 40% of the collection was able to be recycled, unfortunately that does still leave a large amount that went to landfill. It also highlights that people are not fully utilising the FREE recycling service at the Burnie Waste Management Centre. Did you know that EXCESS RECYCLABLES (cans, bottles, cardboard, clothing, waste oil, batteries, gas bottles, e-waste, mobile phones and much more) can be dropped off for FREE?!

This year was probably the lowest year for reusable/resalable items and we were unable to provide the Tip Shop with many items due to weather damage and items being taken prior to our collection. If you want to support the Tip Shop and City Mission - drop your reusable items off at the Tip Shop throughout the year. If you're not sure if your item is reusable give the Tip Shop Team a call and check first 6430 5865

Please remember that throughout the year:
♻️REUSABLE ITEMS can be dropped off at the Tip Shop.
♻️EXCESS RECYCLABLES can be dropped off at the Waste Management Centre for FREE

For ideas on how to reduce the amount of waste that your household produces visit Rethink Waste Tasmania.