Burnie Youth Council sets an environmental challenge to us all!

Published on 07 October 2019

Burnie Youth Council

The Burnie Youth Council are planning an environmental challenge with the aim of making a positive impact in our region and beyond. The premise is that over the fourth term, schools and their student groups ‘take on’ an environmental issue and post what they have contributed on social media. Importantly, business, organisations and the wider community will be asked to join in and contribute to this challenge.

Using a number of ‘hashtags’ such as #youthenvirochallenge #slamdunkthejunk and #vitaltorecycle; schools, business, organisations and the broad community will be able to take part in the challenge and communicate their ideas and success stories.

The Burnie Youth Council Mayor Iyanah Contractor said “we found we were discussing a lot of different environmental issues, from single use plastics and other forms of recycling, to composting and issues surrounding weeds. We thought that if we made a broad campaign, this would allow various different groups to join in and contribute without having to come up with a model that fits all circumstances”.

At a previous meeting the Burnie Youth Council consulted with the regional NRM Officer Phil Hrstich to explore ideas and gain more insight into various issues surrounding the local region. Jeff will be assisting students to plan and implement this challenge.

The Burnie Youth Council will award trophies for the school, business, community group or individual that they think has made the most impact, or done the hardest yards in their efforts to improve the environment in Burnie. Businesses and organisations making the effort will also be awarded a certificate of recognition.

“Student Representative Councils, schools, or the students in them are asked to come up with projects that approach issues that they see relevant in their local area. “It may be taking on the creek down near the school and cleaning that up, with different classes over the term putting in some effort, or it may be working on a soft plastic collection awareness campaign that lets people know that the supermarkets provide a way to recycle it. What you do is up to you, but let’s make some impact!” said Iyanah.

You’ve gotta be in it to win it! Participants will be advised what hashtags to use, plus they can enter by messaging or posting their stories on the Burnie Youth facebook page (Youth Making Changes Around Burnie) @YMCABurnie.

Keep an eye on our facebook pages @YMCABurnie @burniecouncil as well as www.burnie.net for full details of the promo during the first week of term 4!