Public Notice - Syringes in Public Places

Published on 19 December 2018


Burnie City Council Acting Mayor Giovanna Simpson said “Council receives occasional reports of illegal disposal of syringes; these reports have increased in frequency since the weather has warmed up. Tasmania Police are aware of the situation and have implemented additional patrols in the problem areas.”

“Council, in conjunction with other authorities, has a role in protecting and maintaining the public health of the community. There are council syringe (sharps) containers in the majority of public toilets to help encourage individuals to safely dispose of syringes.”

If a syringe is located by a member of the public they should contact council and our trained staff will safely collect and dispose of them.

Recent reports from the public of discarded syringes have focused on West Beach. If a syringe is found on West Beach, you may also notify a Burnie Surf Club member if they are on patrol. 

The Public toilets at West Beach remain open during the surf club renovation and there are council syringe (sharps) containers in these toilets.

*If you see any syringes contact council on 6430 5700