Burnie Works Action Team tackling Alcohol and Drug issues

Published on 26 October 2018


The Burnie Works Local Drug Action Team is excited to announce it has received funding from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, Australia’s leading organisation committed to preventing and minimising the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs.

Burnie City Council Mayor Alvwyn Boyd said “A total of $15,200, a combination of the new grant $6,230 and existing development funding $8968, will be used to implement the Resilient Burnie Families community action plan.”

The Burnie Works Local Drug Action Team is working to increase protective factors in the Burnie community to reduce harm from alcohol and drug use. The community action plan targets two protective factors; family connection and emotional intelligence and is the first municipality to take this approach in tackling these issues.

Emotional intelligence is a learned skill. A simple definition of emotional intelligence is the ability to blend thinking and feeling to make decisions. It gives us the ability to effectively and productively use our emotions and contributes to interpersonal and social skills. Family connection includes close family ties and effective communication between parents and children.

Funding will be used to provide workshops for parents in Burnie about parenting and emotional intelligence skills. The funding will also provide training to service providers in understanding and building emotional intelligence skills. The workshops and training will use the RULER program.

by Mayor Alvwyn Boyd