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Meeting Dates for 2019

Council meetings are normally held at 7pm, every third Tuesday of the month, at the City Offices, 80 Wilson Street, Burnie (except offsite meeting locations where noted below).

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. 

  • Tuesday 29 January
  • Tuesday 19 February
  • Tuesday 19 March (at Ridgley Primary School)
  • Tuesday 16 April
  • Tuesday 21 May
  • Tuesday 18 June
  • Tuesday 25 June (Special Meeting)
  • Tuesday 16 July
  • Tuesday 20 August
  • Tuesday 17 September
  • Tuesday 15 October (at Natone Primary School)
  • Tuesday 19 November
  • Tuesday 3 December – Annual General Meeting (venue to be advised)
  • Tuesday 10 December

Public Question Time

Anyone may ask a question during Public Question Time of a Council Meeting.

The question must be submitted either in writing (forms are available at the meeting or download a form below) or online before the start of the meeting at 7pm.

There is a limit of two questions per person and you must be present at the meeting to ask the question.

Download Public Question Time form(PDF, 98KB)

Submit your Public Question Online