Committees of Council

Council operates a number of Special Committees focused on a specific purpose in the community. It appoints councillors and community members to form the committees.


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Council Representatives: Cr Alvwyn Boyd and Cr Chris Lynch (Proxy: Deputy Mayor Giovanna Simpson)
Contact Officer: Belinda Lynch, Director Corporate 

The Audit Committee is to assist Council in providing a transparent and independent process in its financial management to ensure accountability to the community in the governance, management and allocation of resources.

Council Representative: Cr Amina Keygan and Cr Teeny Brumby
Contact Officer: Randolph Wylie, Burnie Regional Art Gallery

The Committee supports the maintenance of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery as a facility equal to the best regional galleries in Australia and works to sustain its future viability.  It also supports the development of cultural excellence and works to sustain good access by the regional community to a wide range of exhibitions and other art-related activities within the Gallery.  The Committee actively supports the Acquisitions Program of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery in order to see the Gallery's collection gain in strength and national standing.

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Other Appointments

External committees and regional bodies

The following Councillors are currently appointed by Council to external committees and regional bodies:

Burnie Local Enabling Group Inc: Cr Chris Lynch

Local Government Association of Tasmania voting delegate for BCC: Mayor Steven Kons

Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporation Pty Ltd Owners’ Representative for BCC:  Mayor Steven Kons

Western Emergency Management Planning Committee: Cr Themba Bulle (Proxy: Cr Alvwyn Boyd)