Youth Making Changes Around Burnie (YMCAB)


Are you aged between 14 and 25 living, studying or working in the Burnie area and keen to be part of making Burnie a cool place to live? YMCAB wants you!

What is it?

YMCAB is a network of young people through which you can have your say get involved in what happens in and around Burnie.

YMCAB aims to:

  • Organise youth and community events
  • Raise the profile and recognition Burnie’s young people
  • Promote awareness of or taking action on youth issues like health and education

Why should I join?

There are heaps of reasons for you to become involved in YMCAB – here’s just a few: 

  • Taking part in creating and organising events and projects for Burnie’s young people
  • Having your say in what happens and what doesn’t
  • Opportunities to represent Burnie youth at local events and participate in others such as Tasmanian Youth Forums
  • Developing or enhancing your skills and adding to your resume or portfolio
  • Meeting new people and making new friends!

What’s involved?

It is free to be involved in YMCAB - all we ask is the investment of your time.

YMCAB doesn’t require year round commitment. We recognise that you’re probably already managing study, work and social lives so what time you can contribute is more than enough.

Meetings are held in places around Burnie and are kept as informal as possible, usually over free coffee or food to keep the brain going.

What type of projects does YMCAB get involved with?

Over the past year YMCAB have been involved in:

  • Sk8 Jam
  • National Condom Day
  • School holiday 'Hullabaloo' - local bands 
  • Halloween Party
  • Supporting local bands at the Tasmania Rock Challenge
  • National Youth Week You Can Make It! Young Makers Market and Street Performer Festival

Joining up or finding out more…

If you’re keen to join YMCAB or find out more, call the Burnie City Council on 6430 5700.