Hilltop Central


Run by the Burnie Community House, the Hilltop Fresh Produce Project is working to address food insecurity in the suburb of Shorewell Park, Burnie. Shorewell Park has been identified in ABS 2011 Census data and the SIEFA Index as a disadvantaged area in our community.

The social purpose of the project is to develop a sustainable community food hub to engage local residents and the wider community to improve their health and wellbeing, and to develop skills and knowledge around healthy lifestyles, work skills and food preparation and production.

The project is built around two major areas to support this:

  • fresh food supply
  • fresh food production

The project activities are undertaken by Work for the Dole participants, volunteers and staff who are supported to develop skills and undertake accredited training activities. The success of the project is through the commitment of the community. 

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