Building Bridges Program - Employer Survey

This survey is to gauge an understanding of the attitudes of employers towards more mature aged workers, aged 45+. The survey will be requested to be completed at the beginning and at the end of the Building Bridges Program.
Mature aged workers take more sick days or are more absent from work. * (required)

Mature aged workers take too long to train and cannot be retrained. * (required)

Mature aged workers want to be long term employees. * (required)

Mature aged workers are less productive. * (required)

Mature aged workers have difficulty adapting to change and new technology. * (required)

Age is a deciding factor in your recruitment process, with mature age being viewed as a negative. * (required)

Mature age unemployment is an issue affecting the Burnie region. * (required)

Mature aged jobseekers find it easier to be re-employed. * (required)

If mature aged jobseekers really wanted a job, they would already be working. * (required)