Building Bridges - Employment Initiative

1. Overview

Late last year the Burnie City Council welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement that a Mature Age Jobseekers program ‘Building Bridges’ would run in Burnie this year and well into 2021.

This project is part of the $96.1 million Try, Test and Learn Fund (an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Social Services) which includes trialling new or innovative approaches to assist older job seekers onto a path towards stable, sustainable independence.

The initial campaign was launched by the Burnie City Council earlier this year, but due to the COVID-19 disruption potential jobs became non-existent and all participants were grounded and isolating at home. 

Now it is time to give this project a re-launch! With a new look!

For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Ms Kim Butler
Building Bridges – Burnie City Council
Mobile: 0490 552 285



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2. Jobseekers

The aim of the Building Bridges initiative is to improve employment opportunities and outcome’s for job-seekers aged 45+ in the Burnie region through a series of initiatives:

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To mentor Job Seekers one on one to help them overcome any barriers and meet their upskilling needs.   To coach Job Seekers on the power of networking; joining local community groups and sports and walking groups to network and therefore, meet potential employers
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To raise awareness of the benefits of employing mature job-seekers to the Employers in Burnie   To link local employers with local mature age job seekers for a 4 week work experience placement(PDF, 145KB) (with the potential to lead to permanent employment)

3. Desired Outcomes

The Building Bridges project focuses on outcomes such as
  • increased confidence and networking skills for mature age job-seekers;
  • increased workforce participation; and
  • more positive employer perceptions of hiring mature age job seekers.


4. Employers

This program is a great example of a local community working with the Federal Government to design a program to meet local needs.

 cloud-placement.png  cloud-No Obligation.png
Employers can take on a job seeker for a maximum 4 week job placement (up to 25 hours per week) and may be eligible for other benefits plus the chance to “try before they buy” There is no obligation for the Employer to keep their job seeker in a permanent capacity! If the position is not ongoing the jobseeker has still gained added confidence, experience, a resume update and further networking
Incentives for Employer:
  • May be eligible for $300 bonus
  • May be eligible for wage subsidy if offering ongoing permanent placement
  • Uniform costs, upskilling, insurances and pre-employment checks can be covered by the Jobactive Agency
  • The business logo of the Employer can be placed on the Building Bridges (Council) website for marketing purposes (as Project support)


5. Aim 

The overarching aim of the project is to foster a greater awareness of the value of mature age jobseekers to employers and to build a greater number participating in employment in the Burnie region.

Another desired outcome for this Project is to create an App or a Mobile Website so that jobseekers can continue to access these services via their phone and/or laptop.

In this regard, Council could become an independent first point of contact/referral service for anyone current or new to Burnie to find out where to go to next – when they are job seeking in the Burnie Municipality.

Important message for local Employers to consider:

cloud-mature workers.png

They are:
Experienced / Knowledgeable / Confident / Dependable / Hardworking / Respectful / Reliable / Punctual / Networked / Stable / Wise / Resilient / Life Skills / Patient / Dedicated