Financial Assistance for Waste Disposal


Burnie City Council’s Financial Assistance Program was established to assist charitable and non profit organisations with the costs of residual waste disposal arising from reuse activities at Burnie’s Waste Management Centre.

This funding is designed to support waste disposal costs for community activities and educational programs which encourage and develop appropriate waste and recycling behaviours in the community.

See Terms and Conditions below for more details including required supporting information.

To apply complete the online form below or download and submit the application form in person or by email:  Financial Assistance for Waste Disposal(PDF, 449KB)

Note: we recommend that you save your application as you go.

Apply Online

1.pngReview the Terms and Conditions
2.pngPrepare the required Supporting Information  (photocopy, download, save as pdf, scan, or take a photo),
3.pngComplete the details below:

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to access this funding organisations must be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. The group seeking support is a recognised charity or not-for-profit organisation, operating in Burnie and providing support to the Burnie community.

  2. The activity generating the waste supports the diversion from the waste stream and puts the diverted material to a productive use (reuse, recycling or repurposing).

  3. The organisation can demonstrate the waste/unusable items arise from the collection and processing associated with the reuse/repurposing activity and there is an ongoing need for the waste disposal.

Financial Assistance for Waste Disposal Costs applications are made available in two rounds each financial year and must be spent within that financial year. 

Assistance is capped at $1,000 per annum per organisation.

Required Supporting Information

Applications by not-for-profit organisations must be made on the form provided by Council and must include:

The details of two nominated employees/volunteers and the vehicles that will be used to dispose of waste including: name, phone/mobile of driver, vehicle type, vehicle registration number, quantity and frequency of waste.

To calculate the value of support required refer to the Waste Fees and Load Sizes(PDF, 422KB)

For more information on the waste disposal site refer to Burnie Waste Management Centre .

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