Financial Assistance for Clubs and Organisations


The Burnie City Council's community assistance financial grants program aims to support clubs and organisations to initiate or establish community based programs, projects or activities.

See Terms and Conditions below for more details including required supporting information.

To apply complete the online form below or download and submit the application form in person or by email: Community Assistance - Clubs and Organisations - Financial Grants(PDF, 902KB)

Note: we recommend that you save your application as you go.

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1.pngReview the Terms and Conditions
2.pngPrepare the Required Supporting Information (photocopy, download, save as pdf, scan, or take a photo),
3.pngComplete the details below:

Terms and Conditions

Applications for financial assistance to clubs and community organisations are made available in two rounds each financial year and must be spent within that financial year unless otherwise agreed.

A club or community organisation, if successful, may only apply for financial assistance once every three years.

To be eligible, clubs and community organisations must be either located in Burnie or have substantial membership from Burnie residents, and which offer benefits to the people of Burnie.  Council will not fund one-off activities conducted by large state-wide organisations from outside of the Burnie area which do not have a local presence in the area. 

Applications by clubs and community organisations for financial assistance must be for a specific project.  A club or community organisation’s willingness to contribute to the project will be taken into account.

All applications will be submitted to, reviewed and approved by a meeting of Council.

Financial assistance will generally not exceed $10,000.  Applications in excess of $10,000 and/or of a capital works nature which are assessed as worthy of further consideration will be either recommended for budget deliberation or submitted to Council with a recommendation.

Defibrillators – Council will only make a 50% contribution to the cost of defibrillators.  A successful application for assistance towards a defibrillator will be deemed an application and will have to wait three years before applying for further financial assistance.

Required Supporting Information

  1. An estimated budget listing all sources of income and expenditure. Ensure your budget summary calculations are correct.

  2. Quotes and estimates for items or work to be undertaken.

  3. A copy of your organisation’s current strategic plan or priorities.

  4. A copy of the most recent audited financial statement.

  5. If the project is for building or construction, please include a site plan, quotations and the necessary building approvals.

Applications which do not supply all required documentation will not be considered.

1. Council is committed to upholding your right to privacy. 
2. Personal information collected by Burnie City Council is used in the provision of services. 
3. Information collected will be retained confidentially and disposed of in accordance with requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act 2004. 
4. You have the right to access your own personal information on request.

Please contact the Burnie City Council if:

  • you want to change your contact details
  • you want to place a written information access request
  • you want to discuss a privacy concern