Community Discounts on Venue Hire

BAFC Town Hall

Council may provide discounts for the hire of council-owned venues to clubs, community and educational organisations within the Burnie region.

See terms and conditions below for more details or contact us to make an enquiry.

Terms and Conditions

Council provides a discount to eligible community organisations of 60% of the standard functions and performing arts venue hire fee for both the Burnie Arts & Function Centre and The Point West Park in accordance with the Community Assistance Policy. 

1. The venue discount applies to:

  • Clubs and Community Organisations either located in Burnie or which have substantial membership from Burnie residents, and which offer benefits to the people of Burnie (Note that Financial Assistance may be made to regional/district organisations for distribution to sub or local branches where this situation applies);
  • Not‐for‐profit community organisations providing a public benefit to the Burnie community;
  • Educational functions primarily involving students from the Burnie region, and which are endorsed by the Department of Education or the Principal of an independent school.

2. Council may provide a discount on equipment hire at the discretion of the Burnie Arts & Function Centre Manager.

3. Any direct additional costs will not be discounted.