Risk and Hazard Identification Form

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A – Ground Conditions
a) Have any inherent dangers to users within the location, or facility been partitioned off to prevent access ( Proximity of rivers, embankments, construction works) * (required)

a) Have participants and spectators been warned about the existence of these hazards? * (required)

c) Are all in-field structures (such as sprinkler heads, valves, and spigots) recessed and appropriately covered so as not to interfere with participants? * (required)

d) Is the condition of the condition of the surface appropriate for the event? * (required)

e) Do boundary markings conform to requirements for the intended use and allow enough space between the field of play and fencing and spectators? * (required)

f) Is padding or any other means of protection provided on structures close to the area of play? (eg on goal posts, coaches boxes, seating, etc). * (required)

g) Are all participants issued with appropriate equipment, in good working order, checked by officials prior to commencement * (required)

h) Have the spectators, vehicles, private property, or other facilities (eg play equipment) at the reserve been located to prevent likely to interference with the event? * (required)

B – Buildings and Facilities
i) Can players and officials access the area of activity without undue interference from spectators? * (required)

j) Are the lighting conditions suitable for the intended activities? * (required)

k) Are all other facilities, including grand stand and spectator areas, adequately clean and free of debris, with all fittings in sound and working condition? * (required)

Given the above, in your judgement, are you able to manage the above Risks and Hazards Identified appropriately? * (required)

Following completion of the inspection, in your judgement, are all the facilities that you intend to use appropriate for the purposes for which they will be used * (required)