Mobile Food Vendors

Council provides a policy which enables local business and the community to enjoy the economic, social and cultural benefits of mobile food vendors.

We are committed to mobile food vending while maintaining support for existing food and beverage businesses.

Mobile food vending enables a diversified local economy and increased cultural experiences that encourage social interaction and enhance the community's sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Mobile food vending can be from food vans, caravans, open stalls or tents.

Under the Food Act 2003 all ‘food businesses’ must be registered annually before food is manufactured or sold on-site.

Registrations may be for a ‘one off’ event specific temporary food permit, or an annual statewide food business permit.

This includes commercial, market, and charity or fundraising purposes from food vans, caravans, trestles, open stalls or tent based vendors.

For stall type or food vans, state-wide registration will allow you to operate throughout Tasmania for a period of up to 12 months and must be obtained from the Council in which the equipment is primarily stored.

Mobile Food Business Application Form(PDF, 422KB)  

Fees for vending food - Mobile Food permit(PDF, 84KB)

For more information please contact Council's Environmental Health department, 03 6430 5700.

Permit to trade on Council land (Mobile Food Vendors Policy)

If you are a mobile vendor and wish to apply for a permit to trade from Council Reserves as listed in the policy please contact us.

Mobile Food Vendors Policy(PDF, 170KB)

Fees to trade on Council property(PDF, 78KB)

For more information please contact Council's Community Development department on, 03 6430 5700