Resident Parking Scheme

Local Government (Highways) Act 1982

The Resident Parking Scheme enables residents displaying a resident parking permit to park on the street without penalty for exceeding the time restrictions applying to that area.  All other vehicles can utilise the zones, but only for the time stated on the sign.


A maximum of two (2) permits per household can be issued.  The number of permits that are issued will be reduced by one (1) for each off-street parking space at that residence. 

For example, if the household has two (2) vehicles and has one (1) off street parking space, the household is entitled to one (1) resident parking permit.

Properties with sufficient area on site to accommodate two (2) or more vehicles are not eligible.

Applicants will need to provide the following details to verify vehicle ownership and residency:


  1. Copy of current vehicle registration papers

  2. If vehicle is not registered in the applicant’s name, a letter of authority is required from the owners, in addition to copy of current registration papers.


  1. Driver’s Licence bearing applicant’s name and address;

  2. Copy of Contract of sale if applicant is purchaser of the property and is yet to have the address changed on Driver’s Licence.

  3. If property is leased, a copy of lease or tenancy agreement.

It is the responsibility of an applicant for grant of a permit to provide sufficient information to demonstrate to Council that one of the eligibility criteria can be satisfied.


  1. A Permit may only be granted after receipt and consideration of a written application clearly identifying the applicant, residency and details of the vehicle for which the permit will refer

  2. A Permit will not be granted for a period exceeding six (6) months

  3. The applicable permit must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle at all times when vehicle is parked within the nominated area

  4. The issue of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a space

  5. Permits are not transferable and are only applicable to the area the vehicle registration number which is referred to on the permit

  6. If the vehicle to which a Permit is granted is no longer required for the approved purpose, the Council must be advised without delay and the Permit must be returned immediately to the Council

  7. Permits are issued pursuant to the above conditions and may be revoked by Council at any time.


There is no fee for a Resident Parking Permit.


For further information on eligibility or use of a Parking Permit, or on any other matter regarding parking controls within the Burnie Municipality contact; 

Parking Officer on (03) 6430 5700,
or visit  City Offices, 80 Wilson Street, Burnie.

Please ensure enquiries refer to Resident Parking Permit