Loading Zones

Loading zones are provided to assist carriers and delivery agents deliver and receive goods into nearby businesses. Provided the zone is used for the purpose of dropping off or picking up goods -

The criteria for legitimate use of a zone is:

Trucks (with GVM Greater than 4.5 Tonnes) together with any trailer it may be towing;
Vehicles constructed primarily for the carriage of goods, other than a truck or public bus, that has the name and address of its registered owner permanently displayed by non-magnetic means on the right hand side of the vehicle in letters that are at least 25 mm high and of contrasting colour to the vehicle; and
Vehicles displaying an ancillary licence issued on the Traffic (Public Vehicles) Regulations 1967.
If your vehicle does not fit this criteria, or you are not loading or unloading, please be aware that a Parking Attendant or a Police Officer may issue an infringement for illegal use. Maximum legitimate use of such zones is 30 minutes.

Over-parking on such zones is also a finable offence, and will be monitored.

If you intend to pick up or drop off goods into stores and your vehicle does not fit the criteria, please do not use a Loading Zone.

Illegal use can incur a $81.50 penalty.

View the Department of Infrastructure, Environment and Resources Loading Zone Information Sheet.