Responsible Owners

Responsible dog ownership requires full acceptance of the responsibility for meeting all the care and attention needs of your dog, and for ensuring your dog does not become a threat or nuisance to the safety or welfare of any other person or animal.

Code of Responsible Dog Ownership

The Code for Responsible Dog Ownership is advisory, and does not replace your general obligations under any law relating to the ownership or care of an animal.
Compliance with the Code will assist to increase the enjoyment you get from your dog, and will enable other persons to equally enjoy being a resident or visitor to Burnie. Responsible dog ownership requires you to ensure –

i. You select a breed and temperament of dog that meets your needs and is suited to the nature of your budget, lifestyle, household and the property and location where you live;

ii. You are able to provide your dog with proper health care and attention, sufficient exercise, appropriate training, and with adequate food, water and shelter;

iii. You seek advise from expert bodies with knowledge in all aspects of the selection, health, safety, training, breeding and welfare of dogs, including the RSPCA, Canine Defence League, veterinary practitioners, and training and kennel organisations;

iv. Your dog is registered when it reaches six months of age;

v. Your dog wears a collar and a registration disc whenever in a public place;

vi. Your dog registration is renewed annually;

vii. You inform the Council of any change in ownership or address of the dog, and of the loss or the death of a dog;

viii. You recognize the rights of both non-dog owners and other dog owners to be free of any threat or inconvenience caused by your dog;

ix. Your dog is kept under effective control of a responsible person whenever it is in a public place. On any road or footpath and in a Council reserve, your dog must be on a leash unless otherwise permitted. You should not have more than 2 dogs under your control;

x. You do not allow your dog to be in a place where dogs are prohibited;

xi. Your dog is kept in a secure place when it is not with you;

xii. Your dog does not wander off your property on its own at any time;

xiii. You immediately clean up any mess, including faeces, caused by your dog in a public place;

xiv. Your dog does not create a nuisance to any person by persistent or loud barking or by behaving in a manner that causes inconvenience or interference to a person’s peace, comfort or enjoyment of any place or premises;

xv. Your dog does not or is not encouraged or provoked to threaten, attack, harass, endanger or otherwise cause apprehension or distress to any person or domestic or native animal, including when in a public place and to any person having business on your property;

xvi. Your dog does not chase any vehicle, person or domestic or native animal, whether or not it causes harm;

xvii. You apply for a kennel license if you keep more that 2 dogs or more than 4 working dogs;

xviii. You accept that the Burnie City Council has authority to require you comply with the standards and regulations for responsible dog ownership, and that it may take action against you and/or your dog under provisions of the Dog Control Act 2000 for any breach of these expectations, including the seizure and detention of your dog where it is not under effective control, or where it has threatened or caused harm to others;

xix. You comply with the requirements of the Dog Control Act 2000, and with any declaration or direction of an authorized person with respect to your dog; and

xx. You comply with any other legislative requirement relating to the care or treatment of an animal, and to the protection of the safety and convenience of the community, including the Animal Welfare Act 1993.