Dog Registrations

All dogs over the age of six months are to be registered with Council and it is an offence to keep an unregistered dog.

Registered dogs must wear the current Burnie City Council dog tag firmly attached to the collar.

Written consent must be obtained from the Council to keep more than two domestic or four working dogs.

All registrations fall due on 1 July each year.

As from 1 July, 2011 all dogs will be required to be Micro-chipped in accordance with the Dog Control Act 2000.

Registering your dog assists Council to return your dog in the event of it being impounded, and to notify you in case of an accident.

Registration fees for the year commencing 1 July 2016 are as follows -

Dog Registration Form


Classification Prior to 31 August 2016 After 31 August 2016
Sterilised dog
$21.00 $38.00
Male and female dog $35.00 $43.00
Working/purebred/greyhound $35.00 $43.00
Dangerous dog (section 29) $314.00 $314.00
Dangerous dog (section 30-guard dog) $59.00 $76.00
- Male and Female Dog
- Sterilised Dog

The concessional fee for pensioners is subject to production of a current Pension Card (Including Health Care Card).
Kennel licence for more than two dogs $113.00 $113.00
Renewal of existing kennel licence $50.00 $50.00
Replacement of dog tag $3.00 $3.00
Transfer of registration $6.00 $6.00